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Finally, a state-wide Colorado lawyer who will take your divorce or custody case on a payment plan NOT an enormous retainer.

No matter in which Colorado county you live, we come to you. We can bring big city resources to even the most remote locations.
Don't let them take advantage of you. It's not too late! Protect yourself!
Divorce & Custody Law   

Most lawyers want a retainer of $3,000 to $5,000 just to start work on your case. Instead, we offer payments as low as $99 per week. We work on a sliding scale payment plan system meaning the less money you bring home from your job the lower your weekly payment to your lawyer.

 If you make per week:
 Your weekly payment to your lawyer is only:
 Less than $500
 $500-$750 $149
 $750-$1,000 $199
 Over $1,250
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Still too high? Call us. Special circumstances may justify an even lower payment!